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As our lives go on, we will NEVER forget. . .

~*Special times with Jason and Amy, as told by their friends and family*~

Amy ~ Beautiful, Mysterious, and Greatly Missed

Her smile looked like it should have been followed by the flashes of cameras, and the hollars of fans. Her walk through the halls of LaSalle was as feminine and as confident as the runway models in Milan. And her personality was kind, and a little mysterious. Many people that were aquaintinces of hers didnt know how to read her. Some thought she was shy, others thought she was a rebel, others admired her. In life she was a beutiful amazing woman with a bright future. In death, she is a wake up call that anything can happen. We are all here for a short amount of time and we have to make the best of it. Live every day to the fullest, be greatful, and kind. And maybe when your number is called, you will be as greatly missed and prayed for as Amy Shute. ~~from jason, a friend of Amy